Allow me to create a world for you.

To satisfy all of your needs.

A world that cannot ever harm you unless you desire it.

I will capture your entire being with my bare hands.

I will caress and play with your soul until it breaks and will bring you into my sole manipulation from your shredded remains.

I assure you I will make you proud of myself.

Such an obedient creature.

Time will be irrelevant.

Your days will become longer and exhausting by my side as you become hopeless.

You will cry, you will smile.

You will become old or young as however I please. The mirror will tell you the truth at last and will no longer lied you as how has been lying to you this whole time.

I control you, and still you will love me, not just the decision of it.

Your worthless life will now have a purpose.

You want to dance? Here, some music. You want to walk? Here there is a runway and everyone is admiring you. The greatest model in history.

Whisper to your ears every thought. Let me do love to your heart.

I will excavate your body and tore you from the inside. After that, I will play with your limbs as if I was a kid with a new toy. No more kindness on your back, nor your core, or neck… lips.

There is a waterfall behind your eyes, but is not your soul, it is something else. Let me shower in it!

I will pet your strings you have on your head, what you call hair… so cute. It smells so great! Ill feed you.

A fear you will totally enjoy! Trust me, and you will perish as I eat every cell of your flesh.

I will rescue you, bring you back together, I will help you to reestablish and will do this over and over again.

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