Sweet Smell.

I have been meeting a girl I can’t take my eyes from.

It feels like if I was inside a rocky cave in winter days, cold, alone with no one to help me and awaiting to freeze. The only thing I can appreciate about myself is how she takes my breath away.

I am completely disarmed.

There is not a single reason to find why to be with her. Although she is a very cold creature, it feels so warm to be next to her.

Her eyes blazed on fire every time she tries to reach me, the kind of flames you play with just to die. Her body feels warm as it softly burns my hands.

She keeps on wondering how I am.

She represents a beautiful structured body due to her dancing skills. Smooth skin, very large tongue.

She makes fun of me.

Her voice is a blizzard that allows me to live for thousands of years.

Her soul might defrost with a spark. I wonder if the cave could handle such blast.

I haven’t aged at all, yet I have been in her bed for so long. We were born on the same month yet we hold different thoughts.

Her kiss is perfect, I enjoy every inch of her lips. There is a taste of love and… The taste of unknown.

Her eyes are steady with an almond shape. She looks at me alert, but I think she doesn’t care. I like to see her face just after I kissed her, she makes the face of a cutie… It is something undeniable.

Her breathing is impressive, wasted on something else. Can’t even stand the smell.

Her movement are marvelous, her bones could bend.

I know what she thinks on the inside, but I don’t want to feel it. The murderer I smell on her back, I wish she could talk to me about that.

This isn’t my environment.

There is no love.

But it’s fun,

Her name is


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