Wait. Why are my feet cold? I’m wearing converse, but never felt this cold wearing them. Ash!  Is this your place? You can’t take me to your real place.


Never. I’m impressed I didn’t notice earlier, how could this happen to me. I’m supposed to be alert at every time.

-What is left of you is weak. Human…

I don’t understand. Is she real?

-I AM!

What is this then? Why are we in a battle ground? I thought you were happy with me. This changes everything, and cannot go back to you again. Still, I forgive you.

-Not so happy after all. You once said to fulfill my dreams, yet I decided to forget the past and eat you.

But you smiled and were great all the time. Wondering why you didn’t work as an actress.

-I hate you.

Why didn’t you left and have a life on your own.

-I trusted you, I took care about you, you owe me and that is why I’m taking you. Everyone was looking at me, but you. You forgot your words but I didn’t. You had a duty! I know I can continue on my own, but I prefer to eat you.

I can’t surrender. You can’t beat…

-Oh Really?! Lean over your flesh from your bones.

I am not a toy. It hurts..! Let me go.

-You asked me to be with you forever! Don’t you remember?

I wanted you to save me.

-I lost my life because of you! Came so nice to me and later you became something I hate!

Please don’t…

-Enough talking. I didn’t come all this way for you to laugh, I want to disappear you from existence. What a fool you are, don’t stand a chance against me. What was I thinking?! I will take your soul from your shredded remains! Uh! Look at your legs, how are you going to walk now? Which arm should I take after? That silence of pain is the best sound, it gets me wet! I remember this arm used touch my body and felt so good. Oh! This other hand used to be on my lips, look at them now! Off from your body! Your limbs are now mine! No wait, they belong to the floor now. Mind if I cut in? Can’t leave you like this, have to teach you how I felt all these years and this is the only way you would feel everything I Felt! You pathetic fool thought you have earth in your hands by holding all that useless knowledge. Thanks to your recklessness indeed. You think logic will help you now? Stay out of this, it is between your body and me! Your body isn’t yours anymore.

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