To become aware or to be informed of (many), is already something that will help develop yourself for the reasons you found appropriate. Many of us call NEWS to whatever topic we care about to follow, which is good. What it really matters is usage of the information. What will you perform in accordance of the information you have is what will determine the encounter you will bring upon yourself. Let me stop here just real quick on the verb PERFORM. If you are familiar with that verb, let say you are a dancer and you execute a proper dance in accordance of what you like. Or a musician that goes through symphony to bring a greater sonata, or you carry out any sort of art or literature to carry into effect or to fulfill one goal. You have discipline, can be on your own, but the point is that you have to move, you have to act, play, to be part of (any movement involving a skill or ability) and ultimately to complete and achieve what you want.

What all humans want is to encounter a goal, yet many humans will always face struggles, difficulties and some of them will take years from you. I’m not talking about daily struggles, or the discipline and responsibilities you have to face when on living. I’m talking about events that will determine your future. Hard decision making, acceptance, awareness and all of the steps you have to follow to reach peace and healthy mind.

But everything starts by knowing yourself, the first of everything is to get to know yourself. We are all humans, if you know what you are capable of, you will know what the other person is capable of. Why do we have to know ourselves? Easy.

Auto analysis is strongly recommended among various topics. You have many examples of that so I won’t describe them. But what it really helps, what it really matters is what you will do now that you hold the knowledge (of what is going on.) I have many friends that feel difficulties whenever they have to speak. They always tell me:


-… Benjamin. For me is very difficult to speak because I hurt people with my words.


They hold the answers by themselves!

 Now that you know why it is difficult, START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. No one has to deal with your attitude NEVER. And I don’t recommend you to continue because you will end up alone, due to the fact that people would only think “I don’t want to talk to him/her.” And leave. It’s like a dog when it barks, you just can’t pet it, but if you analyze what’s going on, you will find a solution and will get to caress it. The difference is dogs are cute and people want to spend time to get to know the dog (because we know their communication is different). If it’s hungry, you feed them and the barks stops or whatever the reason is, you get me.

Whatever the conversation, its okey how you feel. I will show you what my answers have been in response to several of my friends. You may ask Randy, Diego, Vega, Nicole, Martha…

 -The important part (if you still want to engage the conversation) is to tell the person what’s in your mind. Is good, normal, healthy, powerful, ok, to tell someone NO. It is also good, normal, healthy, powerful and ok to tell someone YES. It all depends on how you feel, but know the consequences of it. You don’t have to be afraid or have to feel uncomfortable. Neither the receptor.

-Have you try to change the words you use and start using the words that actually describe the content you want to give? Instead of yelling at the person, just tell them you don’t feel right about it.

-Try to explain your son/daughter why, the reasons you don’t want them to go out at night? Instead of yelling them “You have to obey me, you are !@#&%, I don’t have time for you” start by telling them “I THINK it’s not appropriate for you to… due to the fact that (it’s dangerous because…, I have to wake up at… tomorrow, you are my love and I don’t want anything bad happens to you and I won’t be nearby…, Study so you don’t have to deal with… I think he/she doesn’t suits you because…) INSERT what you think!



Locate yourself so you can speak to the individuals. We have protocols everywhere, in a Palace, in a Bank, I our homes, on the streets, in your work, in the restaurants, EVERYWHERE. Just by living, we have to eat, pee, communicate, uff it’s already a lot. SLEEP.

Sociology studies how human society is structured, how it is functioning and developing. That means: The “studies” refers to devotion of time and attention to acknowledge the academic subject, in this case, of Sociology, but it doesn’t tell you what you have to do. It means you have to perform! You! Have to live, have to play, and have to be part of… (If you want of course.)

So I would use the title STUDY YOURSELF, like a detailed investigation and analysis of you as a subject. You might want to write down all of your research. Remember that is has to be in order.

You will be placed in the road of WISDOM and ultimately will help you develop positive things within your community and to the world.


Why is it helpful?

Once you know how you are, you will determine what things you need to discard from yourself to become flawless. The purpose is to become a better person.

If you start respecting yourself, you will be able to respect others. But you cannot respect others if you don’t respect yourself. Learn to express your desires and who you are, not by judging the subject, but instead communicating what you want and explaining why. Use the time to talk about your emotions and the goals you want to meet instead of talking about what the other person is in your mind. Of course is not an obligation, you can always stay out of the conversation.

Respect your being, your posture, your intelligence, your body, your mind, your property, your aspect, your view, your knowledge, your language, your country, your relationships.

How can you respect someone else’s property if you are out there breaking your own stuff? And so on…

Who knows you better than yourself? God.

Now we headed up to decision-making. Be able to make the best decision in whatever situation. You will find the best choice if you know what is going on with you. If you are buying clothes and I ran into you saying that the Pj’s are better, yet in your mind you know you search for a high-end dress due to the party you will assist, of course my opinion is waaaaaay to far from what you are looking for. And ultimately will stress you out.

The same happens with the partner you will spend your life with. It’s not me nor your friends who will stand that person, it is you. You know what benefits you by knowing yourself, and have an idea on what things will benefit your partner. You know the respect you need because you respect yourself and you respect your partner. You know the respect your relationship needs because you respect the relationship. And so on…

Social pressure will always be present and it’s better for you to consider the values and preferences you think can help you answer correctly in accordance of your feelings. If you want to say no, just say no. if you want to say yes, say yes. Integrity will always be a good thing to hold on. Is the compound of qualities that makes you honest and suits you with strong moral principles. Which means it will help on your performance and ultimately will affect, in positive ways, your daily life.

Some of the values can be, but not only subject to:

Authenticity – Achievement – Beauty – Contribution – Inner harmony – Influence – Humor – Kindness – leadership – Respect – Responsibility – Love – Service – growth – Fearless – Foresight – Fidelity – Friendship – Confidence – Compassion – joy – Justice and more…

But one can only enjoy them with wisdom. The party is over, joy is over. But if you truly hold joy, you will be happy for the rest of your life!

The goal is to obtain true vitality and true pleasure.



To have the skill/power of discerning and judge properly is the ultimate key to victory! It doesn’t mean you will be out there judging people on how they behave. It means that you will judge your next move depending on the event. Remember you have to respect the being you would talk to, you have to take care of his/her mind. Starting from the fact that all the participants are beings. Remember all of the above; You have to respect, you have to take care of people’s mind, you have to be efficient, you have to help them (if they ask/give permission.)

We have authorities that are placed there for that purpose. If they fail, remember that one day God will ask them.

Our posture has to be always kind and powerful in order to help others achieve what they want.

Wise up! Start loving yourself, take care of your body and mind so you can care about others.

Even within your interest, you don’t have to step on people’s life to get something.

Like it or not, nowadays the world is connected, things are getting interesting and it will only evolve. So you have to be prepare for whatever comes! Don’t lose time!

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