We both arrive home and we see each other one more time. I wish she could see how gorgeous she is.

As we smile, our exhausting-looking faces slowly changes. We are sure we love each other, I know she will always be there with me, and I truly believe in her. There is just so much to be done but, then again, we only want to go to bed together and feel our corpses after a long day! Just close to each other as we caress each one another. I understand it is necessary to show how vigorous my desires are and how strongly I want to fulfill her dreams. I know my reward would be magnificent. I can’t deny how eager I always am to go to bed with to her. Watch her beautiful smile, her teeth, and her lips moving as she speaks. Her wrinkles as she smiles, her eyes, and her expressions. She wants to taste me and talk to me at the same time (I can feel it on her lips, her eyes, her fists and her feet.) She tries to focus on the conversation, but I have to remind her how beautiful it is to listen to her voice before she stops kissing me. So she fixes her sublime hair, and there is me, Benjamin, falling in love again just by watching the most beautiful nails diving in such glorious hair.

Just by listening to her beautiful voice reaching deep inside my head, and somehow there’s echo on my spine which then controls my entire body to her will. I observe her ears and I just keep on thinking what an honor it is to touch them with my bare hands. How beautiful is to watch her eyes looking at me with a beautiful bright I cannot stand. Now she stopped talking, and she is just staring at me. Please, I want to keep listening to you.

To see and feel her amazing legs moving, opening, closing, rubbing themselves, turning around, climbing my body, I just have to follow her lovely voice as she tells me all the things she has spoken and thought about me. She then takes my left hand off from her left breast, she slowly turns facing me and places my hand in between her legs. I kiss her, she yawns, cries, and stretches her legs.

I can feel her everywhere.

She takes my hand off from between her legs and I get so sad, but I trust her so much and joy takes over again. Once again her marvelous structure turns and gives me access to places where my entire being can be sacrificed, she is holding my hand and still hasn’t find a place for it. She brings her buttocks close, and I just want to grab her thighs! So I retrieve my hand off and can barely notice a smile rising over her cheek. Like if one of her multiple personalities have woken up. To kill me.

 I truly enjoy every second with her. Take my watch off from my wrist so it doesn’t scratch her diamond skin and give it to my other hand, which is willingly trapped and being used as her pillow.

Then she falls asleep hugging my arm.

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