Benjamin Aviles is the result of the idea to share modern events and daily experiences from friends, colleagues, and professionals that are currently in the world providing their skills to the many industries for the nowadays digital world. People who create awareness, making sustainable decisions, organic approaches, Innovative solutions, and are in constant learning of technology.

People are constantly asking me how to do it all, from travels to being a fully committed student and to sustain a social life. Many questions regarding exercises, budgeting, innovation, sustainability, and so much more, hence I decided to share, an experience and destination for the modern and better human.

Whereas you have just came out of college and are fully excited to go out there and make a life and wondering on your next step. Or maybe you are just starting your business, or just want to know what is going on out there, at Benjamin Aviles we believe that you can be yourself, everyone can improve and make positive approach for the better world.

A world that is connected.

Brussels, Belgium 2017