Companies are eager to adapt their business models, processes, products and services to the different cultures while maintaining its authenticity and differentiation in regards of the global dynamics. To create profit and solutions within our technological world.  

What I’ve learned over the past 17 years of traveling, interacting with many people from different cultures, many organizations with a wide variety of professionals, I found myself acknowledging, collecting Data, and now sharing to the constant evolving World of today.

I just quickly want to mention monocultural approach is way behind from today. Yet, I have encountered individuals born and raised in a single culture environment now trying to effectively function in a connected world, anxious for an Innovative and Sustainable adaptation, people who are very successful in their business, segments, and to their target markets. Companies and institutions might possess important data about cultural differences but struggle to even attempt adapting their matrices, policies, and procedures to the organics and sustainability of today’s governance for the better world.

Is not sufficient to have knowledge of cultural variety but, entities have to be aware on how Organic and Sustainable the different foreign settings are nowadays. Otherwise, individuals found themselves focus on the difference itself, rather than investing their time on translating their intellectual data to a sustainable and innovative approach and behavior.

The latter is something that I have experienced first-hand: Spending my holidays in Miami, Meeting colleagues in London, Studying a language in Brussels or even visiting the beautiful city of Tel-Aviv in Israel, and still providing professional services thru my laptop for companies from different countries who are asking on transitions to sustainability, and how to adapt policies, processes and to actually translate the intellectual knowledge to action:

  • Climate
  • Clean Energy
  • Quality Education
  • Inclusiveness
  • Women Empowerment

And so much more…

Acknowledge how to Successfully Innovate in a technological World that requires constant change in behaviors towards a sustainable developed present and future.

Benjamin Aviles acknowledges the importance to share data, examples, and experiences from different professionals around the world who have managed to adapt in order to overcome many challenges looking forward to Innovation and Sustainability.


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