Businesses and individuals are taking actions into sustainability and are passionate about it. Almost all of our daily activities could result in great energy and money saving. To use your resources wisely in nowadays world means that you may invest your day-to-day small actions steps to have a positive impact to the environment and your wallets.

Create awareness, empathize, listen and ensure a sustainable, innovative and inclusive area for employees and colleagues.

Where can you take the initiative?

Everywhere! On Facebook, twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, while sitting or working out at your home, gyms and street. Or maybe even at work providing useful insights to your business or to the company you work for. Shopping, cooking… just realize how many activities we engage thanks to the constant evolution of technology.

Combine updated traditional analysis with Governance, Environmental, and Social understanding and appreciation.


  • Ethics
  • Updated Policy
  • Ownership and Control
  • Accounting
  • SDG’s


  • Climate Change
  • European climate Pact
  • European Green Deal set for 2050
  • Sustainable Energy


  • Product position
  • Human approach
  • Data privacy
  • Social media, Health and Safety

Benjamin Aviles acknowledges the importance to share data, examples, and experiences from different professionals around the world who have managed to adapt in order to overcome many challenges looking forward to Innovation and Sustainability.


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